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About Us

The Sushi Man was built on a belief that high-end sushi restaurants shouldn't be the only place to be able to enjoy fresh sushi.  Why not be able to have that high level of quality and service at your home, your wedding, your party, your work, or wherever else you like!  We pride ourselves in not only the high quality of our food but our level of service from beginning to end.  We are entirely dedicated to providing our customers and clients the finest experience and hospitality the industry can offer. 


Jun Nakajima

Raised in a restaurant household, Jun's love for food began at a very early age.  His parents have owned and operated a Japanese restaurant for over 30 years where he practiced and honed his culinary skills.  Somewhat forced upon, he was taught the art of sushi making in his teenage years.  He quickly fell in love not only with the art but the endless opportunities that came with it.  He has traveled around the globe to try different styles of sushi, most importantly to Japan.  After college, he had taken an opportunity to live in the motherland of sushi, working for something completely outside the culinary field.  In those two years his appreciation of the culture, people, history and food deepened.  He became addicted to the food scene and found himself traveling from one end of the island to the other, eating and drinking some of the best foods and drinks he's ever had.  This experience became the seed which eventually bloomed to become The Sushi Man. 

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Tracy Nguyen

Louisiana native, Chef Tracy Nguyen first started out her culinary career in a local Cajun diner during her senior year of high school. She than later ventured on to her apprenticeship as a sushi chef at Tsunami Sushi of Baton Rouge in 2008. There she found the beauty in the art of sushi.

In 2011, Nguyen accepted a position managing a sushi bar at The Oar in Block Island, Rhode Island. After a successful season she was invited back to Tsunami Sushi as the Head Chef. Nguyen later went on to accept an Executive Chef role. During her career at Tsunami, she has been featured in many local magazines and have won multiple awards, medaling in Fete Rouge Chef’s Competition 2014, 2015, 2016, and took home best in show in 2017.  Although Nguyen has found many of successes throughout her career the one thing she is most grateful for is having the opportunity to use her talent to give back to the community through organizations such as March of Dimes and American Cancer Society.

In 2017, Nguyen moved to Colorado to work for The Sushi Man and has accepted the role of Executive Chef. Nguyen is excited for what her journey has in store and hopes that she can make a difference along the way.

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